Pope appoints Child Molester Bishop Gerhard Mueller “Chief of Doctrine” for Catholic Church

by David Kent



The pope has finally decided whom he shall appoint as the new “chief of doctrine” (I have always been under the impression that that is Jesus’ job, but I guess that’s why I’m not a catholic.) for the Roman Catholic Church, and oh, what a decision it is



“Bishop” Gerhard Ludwig Mueller (which is totally a Super-Villain name if I’ve ever heard one), a longtime friend of the pope, will be taking over headship of the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”, formerly the “Sacred Congregation of the Universal Inquisition”.


Yes, that Inquisition.



You know, the guys that “no one expects”… and that burned people alive for trying to preach the true Gospel and stuff.




Now I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but…




Upon investigation, we find that soon after benedict became pope, Mueller single-handedly founded the “Pope Benedict XVI Institute”, an organization with the sole purpose of- what else?- publishing the pope’s various theological writings.     [http://www.istitutobenedettosedicesimo.it/]


Yes… coincidence, of course.




In a statement Monday, the head of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, expressed pride that Mueller would be performing “this important task”.



“He is one of the most distinguished theologians of the present time,” Zollitsch said, and he has led “with success and great sensitivity.” 





So what passes for “success and great sensitivity” in the Roman Catholic Church?


Child rape, apparently.





That’s right, the man appointed by “his holiness” himself to lead the organization that, among other things, is in charge of dealing with (read: covering up) the thousands upon thousands of cases of child rape committed by Roman Catholic priests knowingly (and illegally) reinstated convicted child rapist Peter Kramer to priesthood and covered up his pedophile status after Kramer spent a brief stint in “therapy” in 2000.  [http://www.podles.org/case-studies/files/Kramer-Case-Study.pdf]




Where exactly did Mueller send the child rapist?




Ah, yes… an Elementary School.




In a completely unforeseeable turn of events several years later, it was revealed that upon his reinstatement by Mueller, Peter Kramer promptly resumed doing what he apparently does best: raping children againAlongside a myriad of charges were twenty-two counts of child molestation against a single child.



But wait, it gets better.



According to the case study by author Leon J. Podles:


“Müller repeatedly refused to take any responsibility… Though he expressed sympathy for the victims, Müller maintained that he did not make a mistake, and in fact did what Jesus would have done…” [http://www.podles.org/case-studies/Peter-Kramer-Case-Study-page3.htm -emphasis added]



Well, you heard it here first, folks…




“Jesus would’ve sent a child rapist to an elementary school.”





In response to continued criticism, which he (mind-bogglingly enough) labeled “slander”, Mueller had the unparalleled audacity to threaten “legal action”.



Commenting on the pope’s appointment of “Bishop” Mueller, Barbara Dorris, head of S.N.A.P., the “Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests”, said it well:



“Pope Benedict had hundreds of options here. Yet he deliberately elevated a bishop who knowingly put kids in harm’s way… It’s more proof that the ongoing child-sex-abuse and cover-up crisis in the church is no crisis at all to Pope Benedict.  It’s apparently a minor annoyance.”  [http://www.snapnetwork.org/clergy_sex_victims_blast_new_cdf_head]




That about sums it up.




Words simply cannot convey this tragedy that we see manifested here.




However, even for criminals as heinous as these men, redemption is possible, but it is only through faith alone, by grace alone, in Christ alonenot the demonic false gospel preached by the Roman Catholic Church.



Unless they truly receive salvation by the blood of Jesus, we can scarcely imagine the fury of righteous wrath that Jesus himself will justly pour out upon them forevermore in the deepest darkest pit of Hell.



That includes the so-called “pope”.



Yes, I said it.  The pope will burn in hell forever unless he repents.




Deal with it.




David Kent is a writer from Atlanta, Georgia.  He studied Theology at Liberty University and is a fan of Jesus and other superheroes.  You can follow him on Twitter @TheDavidKent. 




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About David_Kent

Writer from Atlanta, Georgia. Studied Theology at Liberty University. Fan of Jesus and other superheroes.

2 responses to “Pope appoints Child Molester Bishop Gerhard Mueller “Chief of Doctrine” for Catholic Church”

  1. paigejennings17 says :

    This entire situation was bad enough when there was some attempt to cover up the truth, but it is truly shameless that they now are so publicly defiant and unconcerned. By the way, how do they justify needing someone to be the chief of doctrine anyway? Like you said, isn’t that Jesus? I can understand the power grab on the part of the church officials, albeit evil, but how do the followers not ‘get it’ that this is against the very teachings of the Bible??

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